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Product details
Pneumatic rubber fender with chain protection

(1) High energy absorption
The amount of energy absorbed is the main technical performance indicators fender instruments. With the ship's tonnage growth, berthing operations, ship collision energy contact quay or other ships also doubled. Huge collision energy must rely on the contact area on the fender and enough to absorb sufficient deformation. Jinzheng rubber ship fender use compressed air as the buffer medium to absorb ship impact energy and have good elasticity.

(2) Ultra low back pressure
The inside air of Jinzheng pneumatic fenders is low pressure gas, the internal pressure increase is very limited during compression deformation. Due to the large contact area, unit pressure acting on the ship hull surface is very low, compared with other fender instruments, is not the common low back pressure.

(3) Inclined contact, good adaptability
Ship must have certain angle which have the possibility of contacting the side of the shore. As the inclined interface of Jinzheng sea inflatable fender, its adaptability is much higher than other fender.
(4)Floating performance is good, not subject to tidal influence, fender can be maintained in the ideal level
Pneumatic fenders floating on the water surface &lpar;more than 50&percnt; of the volume&rpar;&comma; along with the change of position is not relative to the tidal fluctuation&period; Especially the ship as the waves rolling&comma; cylindrical inflatable fenders with rolling&comma; the friction force is very small&period; So it will not damage the coating surface of the hull&comma; and also decrease the moving&period;<o&colon;p>
&lpar;5&rpar; Both end fender flange produced by special materials&comma; acid and alkali resistance&comma; oxidation resistance&comma; not easy to rust&period;
&lpar;6&rpar; Jinzheng inflatable fenders install easily and widely used in a variety of ships&comma; large dock and a large variety of tidal dock&period;

Structure of pneumatic rubber fender for ship
Out adhesive&colon; Protective cord layer and inner adhesive have high tensile strength and abrasion resistance &period;
Cord layer &colon; Strong layer of the pneumatic rubber fender is made from winding the high -strength polyamide fibre cord fabric &period;
Inner adhesive &colon; The cord layer of pneumatic rubber fender assures no gas leakage from the compressor &period;
End-flange&colon; The end-flange is a part to fix air valve component &comma;buried metal part and the cord layer and used for hoisting &comma;and filling ans discharging gas &period;The structure of the end-flange is shown in Fig &period;
Note about applying Pneumatic rubber fender &colon;
1&period;Frenquently check whether the airbag spheroid is damaged and whether the pressure is normal &comma;and the valve core must be replaced every six months&period;
2&period;The steel wire should wrap the rubber pipe &comma;when tying steel wire to pneumatic rubber fender in case the the fender is stabbed &period;
3&period; The surace or subject next to the pneumatic rubber fender can't be hard and sharp-point in case the fender is stabbed &period;
4&period; The accessories and jip's nut can't be loose when testing the internal pressure &period;
5&period; When applying the pneumatic rubber fender &comma;the rope net should be reliable &comma;the steel wire used for hanging metal parts and the hook link can't be tied in disorder &period;
Storage of Pneumatic rubber fender &colon;
1&period; When not using for a long time &comma;wash the fender surface &comma;dry up and fill in sufficient right amount of compressed air to lay in a cool &comma;dry and well-ventilated place &period;
2&period; The storage place of pneumatic rubber fender should be far away from heat source &period;
3&period; Try to keep fender away from acid &comma;alkali&comma;grease and organic solvents&period;
4&period; When not applying the fender &comma;the pneumatic rubber fender can't be piled up and heavy itiems can't be piled on the fender &period;

Pneumatic rubber fender catalog
D&ast;L Initial pressure&lpar;Po&rpar; is 0&period;05Mpa Test pressure Initial pressure&lpar;Po&rpar; is 0&period;08Mpa Test pressure





Weigh R&lpar;KN&rpar; E&lpar;KJ&rpar;
Weigh R&lpar;KN&rpar; E&lpar;KJ&rpar;
0&period;5&ast;1&period;0 24 64 6 0&period;15 27 86 8 0&period;18
0&period;6&ast;1&period;2 35 86 10 0&period;15 39 124 16 0&period;18
0&period;7&ast;1&period;5 50 136 17 0&period;15 55 180 24 0&period;18
1&period;0&ast;1&period;5 80 181 32 0&period;15 88 238 45 0&period;18
1&period;0&ast;2&period;0 100 256 45 0&period;15 110 338 63 0&period;18
1&period;2&ast;2&period;0 120 296 62 0&period;15 120 389 88 0&period;18
1&period;35&ast;2&period;5 170 426 100 0&period;15 183 560 141 0&period;18
1&period;5&ast;3&period;0 320 578 152 0&period;15 355 760 214 0&period;18
1&period;7&ast;3&period;0 400 637 190 0&period;15 440 840 268 0&period;18
2&period;0&ast;3&period;5 590 875 306 0&period;15 650 1150 430 0&period;18
2&period;5&ast;4&period;0 1050 1378 660 0&period;15 1150 1815 925 0&period;2
2&period;5&ast;5&period;5 1350 2010 932 0&period;118 1480 2650 1315 0&period;2
3&period;0&ast;5&period;0 1880 2100 1070 0&period;18 2060 2520 1360 0&period;25
3&period;0&ast;6&period;0 2180 2530 1360 0&period;18 2400 3210 1670 0&period;25
3&period;3&ast;4&period;5 2020 1880 1170 0&period;18 2220 2470 1640 0&period;25
3&period;3&ast;6&period;5 2700 3010 1810 0&period;18 2960 3960 2530 0&period;25
Note&colon; The weight of the ball by ball weight &lpar;without jacket&rpar;&comma; the weight of error of ± 10&percnt;&semi; reaction force error of ± 10&percnt;


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